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Book Review: Right on the Monet

Right on the Monet Cover


Right on the Monet
By Malcolm Parnell

Book third in the series
Published 29th September 2018
Genre: Mystery/comedy mystery


My rating: Shape-Star2-256Shape-Star2-256Shape-Star2-256stargraystargray




New York

Claude Monet painting is stolen


Of all the things Harry Chase had imagined in his life, being a drummer on a cruise ship band was not one that would have occurred to him. And yet, there he was. Centre stage, behind a young female singer along with his mates, Dave, Tony and Steve.

Which meant that getting involved in a jewellery theft, an on-board massage parlour and the hunt for an Old Master was even further from his mind as he cracked the snare drum.
And yet, this was exactly how he found himself being questioned by Interpol…


It’s been a long time since I read book written in firstperson narrative and I was a little afraid that this book will be hard to read for me. Luckily my fears didn’t come true and it was really easy and enjoyable read. Most of the dialogues were well written and seemed believable.

The story developed slowly and the case was complicated enough to keep my attention through all book. I like reading books with complex mystery which aren’t too predictable for reader and this one surely wasn’t.

The only problem I have with this book was main character, Harry Chase and the way he treats women. I don’t like when someone treat people like objects and cares only for their sexual appearance. This was the only thing that sometimes made me uncomfortable while reading.

Even if it’s the third book in the series, it can still be read as standalone. I didn’t have any problems with understanding plot.

The ending of the book made me smile. After all it’s really enjoyable read. I would definitely recommended it to people who enjoy reading well-planned mystery.

I received this book as part of a blog tour in exchange for honest review.


Right on the Monet - 20170901_183648 (2)

Malcolm Parnell has a passion for painting and teaches art and drawing skills when heis not working on his next novel.
His other passion, apart from his good lady wife, Marion, is Leicester City Football Club. Becoming an author and Leicester win the Premier League have been two of his greatest ambitions realised.



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