New Year’s Resolutions

This year is going to be about healing myself, getting better and fighting with my fears and demons. I wasted lately too much time on missing people who left me and every minute of that was painful and made me feel even worse about myself. So for now I want to focus on myself, do things I’ve always wanted and stop thinging about all bad things that happened last year. I have many plans for this year and I’m aware that I won’t be able to do all of them but I want to have more options to choose from. Maybe in the middle of the year I will have completely different goals? I guess only time will tell but I hope no matter what will happen I will be able to keep going forward.

So here’s my plans for year 2019:


As some of you might notice December wasn’t my month. I tried to do Blogmas but posting everyday was too much for me. I should know that with my current lifestyle I wouldn’t be able to find enough time and energy for that. I have a few unfinished post in my drafts that I will rewrite and use next year because now it’s a little too late for Christmas posts.

What I have learnt form that is to slow down a bit and give myself more time to write posts. I can’t everyday after work sit down and write just to publish something. There are many others things I want to do and I have to find some balance which won’t be easy especially in the first three months.

  • Write 2-3 post a week – mostly I will probably write on weekend because this will be only time of the week when I have more time. So 2 post (maybe sometimes 3) seems like something that I could manage.
  • Write about different things – I still want to focus mainly on books here but there’s also others things I enjoy and since this blog is my piece of Internet I want to share my thoughts here.
  • Change design – I’m still trying to find out how my blog should look like. I have been playing lately a little with graphic but I’m not happy with results. It will take more time to do it but I’m not in much hurry.
  • Take part in more tag post – I really love them and I’m always glad when someone tag me. However I manage to always lose link in all these notifications I get on Twitter. But now when I know I can bookmark

Mental health

To be honest I have no idea how to deal with this one. Things I tried last year didn’t work and I don’t know what to do. This year is gonna be even more stressful: in three months I’m going to finish collage and have to think about career path and I’m not sure what I want to do in life. My studies weren’t my best life choice and I have to search for something I would like to do and not waste all these years completely. And this is only beginning of the list of things that make me really stressed. I think I’m gonna suck at being the adult. Is there some guide for this? Or some codes like for Sims (motherlode, make friends, etc.)?

Physical health

Year 2018 was full of excuses why I don’t have time for exercises: I had to write my Master’s degree thesis, I had to go to some course, I went to summer internship to Serbia, I’m working 12 hours, etc. Excuses could work for some days when I really was busy, tired or have other plans. But finding them for every single day doesn’t make me busy person but lazy one. Because of my inactive lifestyle I put a little on weight but the main problem is my bad physical condition. After spending all day siting behind the desk every part of my body hurt. For this year I’m planning to slowly start to move more. Nothing too intense at the beginning because I most certain would hurt myself more. So I will start with some yoga for beginners and hopefully it will be just a matter of time till I feel better in my body and have more energy.


  • English – about two years ago I started to read books in English so I have more contact with this language. Writing about books here, on Twitter and on Goodreads was also great help. I’m trying to surround myself with English as much I can. I wish I could be more fluent in speaking but it’s the most hard thing for me because I don’t have a good way to practice it.
  • Spanish – I wanted to learn this one since middle school. Even bought then some books but I have never been able to stay motivated for long time – more excuses! I think it’s really beautiful language. Maybe someday I will be able to speak Spanish but I still haven’t find the best way for me to learn it.
  • Korean – it might me crazy idea to try to learn it. I’m scared that I might get unmotivated fast because it’s not the easiest language to learn. I’m trying not to get to intense about studying it. I guess we will see how it goes in the future.

I would love to meet some people who also are trying to learn these languages. Maybe we could help each other?


I’m not a person who has been in a lot of places. But I really want to. Sometimes I’m going through blogs and Instagram and see these all amazing places people visit and I wish I could be like them. Unfortunately I’m really scared of new places and hate to travel alone. And now I don’t have anyone who would go for some adventure with me. I hope I will somehow face my demons and manage to travel more. So for this year I want to visit:

  • 3 other countries – it might not be so much for some people but it would be progress because this year I visit 2. And I pray for one of my biggest dream to come true and somehow get accepted for summer internship. If it happens it will be both most amazing and most terrifying thing in my life. And my parents will kill me for it. So… keep your fingers crossed!
  • 5 cities in Poland that I’ve never been before – Poland is beautiful country and usually I’m visiting always the same places. So this year I want to discover more.


I love taking part in challenges even if usually I fail. I tried to not make them to hard this year but I’m sure Popsugar challenge will give me some problems as usual.

  • Goodreads challenge – 52 books
  • NetGalley challenge –  26 books
  • Popsugar reading challenge 2019
  • Movie challenge -52 movies
  • K-drama challenge – 12 drama
  • UNO challenge 2019 – read in every months of the game 5 books

What are your goals for 2019? I would love to hear about them!





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