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Book Review: The Death Wife by Sue Fortin

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Police have ruled out suspicious circumstances in the investigation into the death of Elizabeth Sinclair, wife of charismatic entrepreneur Harry Sinclair, found drowned in the lake of the family’s holiday park. 
It’s been two years since the Sinclair case closed but when reporter Steph Durham receives a tipoff that could give her the scoop of the year, she’s drawn deeper and deeper into the secretive Sinclair family.
Elizabeth’s death wasn’t a tragic accident. And the truth will come at a deadly price…



My review

Steph Durham is a travel journalist who was given opportunity to spend weekend in luxury resort in the beautiful Lake District in exchange for the review of this place. But when she writes about her plans of taking part in reopening event at the resort she gets message from Sonia, Elizabeth’s mother, asking her to find true about death of her daughter. Elizabeth was a wife of Harry Sinclair, member of family who owns this holiday resort. She died two years ago in accident but her mother believes she was murdered. Steph directs by her curiosity, decides to find out the truth about Elizabeth’s death and during her stay at the resort she gets closer to Sinclair family, especially Harry and starts asking too many questions which may get her in big trouble.

This book kept me awake whole night. I just couldn’t stop reading till I found out all the answers. The plot is well written and the clues can be found in many in many places but they are so well hidden under many layers of lies and misinformation that it was hard to guess what is the true about Elizabeth’s death.

It’s the first book that I have read from this author but definitely not the last one. Sue Fortin knows how to write story with authentic characters and great twists that will make reader hooked from the first chapter.

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About The Author
67327506_2415920188691724_2122930398005559296_nSue Fortin is an award-winning USA Today and an Amazon best-selling author, an
international bestseller and has reached #1 in the Amazon UK Kindle chart. Sue writes mystery, suspense and romance, sometimes combining all three.
Sue was born in Hertfordshire but had a nomadic childhood, moving often with her family, before eventually settling in West Sussex where she now lives with her husband, children and grandchidren.


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